Our Mission

The strength of any institution is always found at its core.

After decades of immersion in the insurance, behavioral health and substance use disorder arenas our team identified the key components needed to unlock the solution to solving the nation’s substance use epidemic.

By giving power back to the true economic buyers of healthcare you can enable cutting-edge technology, innovative care delivery, and payment models to take the place of the broken system we are all faced with today. Self-funded employers and labor unions have the ability to do just that.

Truusight Health is a patient-first organization that leads with quality, integrity and compliance.

Who we are

We developed access to high quality, coordinated evidence-based care that focuses on the outcomes derived from a whole person approach.

We removed the layers of unnecessary middlemen to re-engineer the substance use disorder care delivery model and created TruuCARE.

With thousands of in-network providers covering the full continuum of care, we ensure access to the appropriate providers across the country.

We work with unions, employers, brokers and advisors around implementation, which can be done at any time during your plan year.

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We have redefined the way employees and families are able to access care and navigate the complicated system.

615 S College Street
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States