New Jersey Pilot Project Addresses Some of the Biggest Challenges Facing Employers & Employees Today.

Making a Difference in New Jersey

Supported by New Jersey State Contract #AS1916, this initiative is currently underway in Monmouth County with additional counties in the forecast throughout 2024-25.

Despite that New Jersey has a wealth of resources and technology, as well as health and social service providers, many people are unaware of the resources available to them. Resources are going underutilized and the state is losing return on their existing investments. Even more importantly, needs are unmet and communities, employees, and employers are suffering.

Through Truusight’s community outreach and TruuCONNECT platform, the pilot project is designed to achieve several key objectives:

  • Enhance the visibility of available services and community partners.
  • Streamline referral processes to facilitate easier access to services.
  • Optimize the use of existing resources.
  • Foster improvements in community health through the workplace.

At the end of this project, an independent third party will conduct an impact evaluation to assess the outcomes. Anecdotally, we have heard from employers that using TruuCONNECT has helped boost employee productivity, morale, and retention. It has also equipped employers and partners with data analytics to improve work performance and promote workplace and community health as well as contain organizational costs. 

The Need

According to a new JAMA study substance use and alcohol-related disorders have significant impacts and costs to employers each year, including:

$35.3 Billion

Substance use disorders (SUD) cost employer-sponsored health plans about $35.3 billion per year.


The annual attributable mean cost of substance use disorders per participant.

$10.2 Billion

Alcohol related-disorders cost employer-sponsored plans $10.2 billion.

$7.3 Billion

Opioid-related disorders cost employer-sponsored plans $7.3 billion.

According to data from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Survey on Drug Use and Health, “Approximately 70 percent of all adults with an alcohol or illicit drug use disorder are employed.” This underscores the need for novel interventions and solutions like those being implemented in the New Jersey pilot project.


Connecting Employees to What They Need, When They Need It.

TruuCONNECT enables employees to connect to medical and social service programs, including substance use and mental health services, anonymously and without worry of stigma – 24/7 in 100+ languages. It is fully HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.

Employees can:

  • Browse by category
  • Search by zip code
  • Connect to programs • Share program information
  • Create self-referrals or refer on behalf of someone else

The Truusight Difference

Wraparound Support and Services

Truusight integrates technology and data analytics to provide personalized insights and recommendations for employers and unions. Our approach focuses on identifying trends and risk factors within large populations to: 

  • Support targeted interventions to reduce the impact of chronic diseases—including mental health and substance use. 
  • Administrative and analytical support – assisting in strategic planning rather than providing direct clinical support.

Differences from EAP and HR Services

Unlike traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and Human Resources (HR) services, Truusight specializes in leveraging data to identify and mitigate risks related to substance use and mental health. While EAPs and HR services may offer direct counseling and support, our platform:

  • Serves as a complementary tool.
  • Offers insights and analytics to optimize and inform the deployment of services rather than replacing them.
  • Provides another access point that employees can engage 24/7 for themselves and their families.

The State of New Jersey has launched a new project to remove barriers and streamline access to health and social services for its residents. Teaming up with Truusight, a leading management consulting and strategy services organization, the project incorporates community engagement with best-in-class technology to meet employer and community needs. 

Truusight specializes in:

Providing comprehensive solutions for workplaces with a focus on mental health and substance use

Offering expert guidance on policies, training, and support services to enhance employee wellbeing and productivity

Partnering with employers to develop and implement effective strategies for a healthier, more supportive work environment